B2B Technology and SaaS Content Marketing and Content Strategy

“Inbound trumps outbound in any marketing & sales efforts”      Josh Pigford, Founder of Baremetrics

Blog Posts

  • Compelling Titles
  • Keyword Focused
  • Actionable Content
  • Creates Awareness
  • Nurtures Customers


  • Long Form Content
  • Builds Authority
  • Improves Rankings
  • Informs and Entertains
  • Networking and Guest Posts

Case Studies

  • Customer Success Stories
  • Solved a Problem
  • Honest Testimonials
  • Evaluation Stage of Funnel
  • Professional Interviews

Having a blog is a great way to build authority and bring awareness to your website, company or business. It is also a wonderful tool for filling in gaps in customer and consumer knowledge and sharing content about your industry.

I believe in creating content that is unique and interesting. I take research seriously and am always searching for better ways to research content and find unique angles. I try to go above and beyond with my content and include:

  • Compelling and Clickable Titles
  • Appropriate Keyword Focus
  • Actionable content, real life examples, or expert opinion when appropriate
  • A strategy where content builds upon other content i.e. Several tutorials on a specific software or product, then a big review article linking back to all of the tutorials.
  • Filling in gaps on your company blog from adding tutorials to interviewing the appropriate team members to create valuable content.
  • I can also offer done for you solutions from posting to your WordPress blog to creating and posting appropriate graphics.

Articles can be longer more in-depth content that can be used as blog posts, guests posts, lead generation items, or content for journals or magazines.

  • Articles can be used as blog posts or guests posts to build authority and awareness of your blog
  • These are usually longer form content that is closer to 1000 words or more, and I include all of the above properties that are listed for blog posts.
  • Clickable Titles
  • Keyword Focus where appropriate
  • Done for you solutions as needed

Case studies or customer success stories will take an example from an existing customer and explain how your business solved a problem for the customers. These are actionable and honest and give real life examples of how your business solves customer problems and helps them achieve their goals.

Case studies are great for building solid evidence and testimonials of how your product adds value.  The case study content is also perfect content for the evaluation stage of the marketing or sales funnel. This is the middle step where the buyer weighs the value of your service before moving on to a free demo, estimate, consultation, or coupon.

  • The steps for creating a case study begins with understanding your business and the business of your customer. We want to interview an existing or prior customer who is happy with your service and has a specific example of how your service benefited them or solved an existing problem they were having.
  • After these items are established I create a detailed list of questions for your customer and conducted a recorded Skype interview (with their permission).
  • The recording is only used for keeping the content accurate and is not published. If they don’t want to be recorded, I can also just take notes, but sometimes it makes the process a bit slower.
  • I will try to keep the interview short and to the point and get permission to use quotes or examples.
  • Then the content is written up in a standard case study format that specifically tailored to your business.
  • Images and formatting can be added to use on your website, portfolio or brochure

  • Pricing depends on the time, knowledge, and research required to produce your needed content
  • Pricing samples – not set in stone are $300-$500 for blog posts and articles and $700 for case studies
  • Special pricing and discounts may be given for regular blog and article content or bulk services

Do You Need Articles, Blog Posts or Case Studies? Hire Me

Do you need content for your business website or blog? I can help. It’s my goal to create fun, entertaining and informative content to attract, inform and convert customers to your business.

I can take your existing blog and conduct a content audit. Then update older articles while adding new content to fill in any knowledge gaps that would prevent your blog or website from being a full resource for promoting your business.