Create Stunning Headlines

How to Create Stunning Headlines Like a Creative Genius

Anyone can write a headline, but writing great headlines takes practice, effort, and even studying. Creating a headline that compels someone scanning a page to click and read the article is part art and part science.

Most people don’t have time to waste reading content that doesn’t apply to them. Headlines need to convey what the article is about, but it also has to arouse enough curiosity to get the potential reader to click on it.

Creating a headline that evokes curiosity will hint at the subject matter but not give everything away in the headline itself. People will click on headlines that make them curious or arouse emotions. Creating these headlines takes skill and practice.

Some good tips for creating realistic headlines is to start with what your article is about. Then decide whether you want to entertain, educate, or inspire your audience. Try to find adjectives and action verbs about your subject matter that will also appeal to your target audience.

Shake your words up and roll them on the paper. Keep trying until you find a winner. If you rewrite your headline 35 times, you will be surprised at what you can end up with. Don’t get discouraged. Writing compelling headlines and titles takes practice and effort.

Headline Practices to Avoid

  • Over promising
  • Stating the obvious
  • Being too vague
  • Being too wordy
  • A short 500-word “Ultimate Guide”
  • Fake clickbait headlines
  • Keyword stuffing

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